ENVIRO Water Treatment Systems

Treatment of municipal, borehole & effluent water

Enviro Water Treatment Systems has been in the business of treating and purifying water since 2012. Since then we have developed a reputation as a reliable and innovative company that offers cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to water related problems. 

Our main business objectives are the manufacture, installation, maintenance and support of water treatment systems and plants.

Innovative & Passionate Product Development

We are constantly at work researching and developing new ideas and processes for water disinfection and purification and offer our clients solutions that are proven to be effective.

Cost-effective, high quality products & excellent service

We strive to bring our clients high quality, durable products without the usual high price tag. Our service is fast, efficient and reliable, ask any of our satisfied clients.

Professional, fast installations & affordable maintenance

Your water treatment system or plant will have the stamp of our high-quality workmanship. Our maintenance plans provide peace of mind and are affordable.