ENVIRO Water Treatment Systems

Treatment of municipal, borehole & effluent water

We deliver a wide range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business and the environment! 

ENVIRO Water Treatment Systems is your one stop solution to all your water problems. From complex, large-scale installations to small mobile water purification units, we can assist and provide our expertise. A simplified diagram of the process we follow is show below:

1. Assessment of the problem: this is achieved either by studying a water analysis of the water in question, and/or by site inspection.

2. Obligation-free quotation: an obligation-free quotation is then provided to the clien

3. Construction/Area Preparation: once the quotation is accepted, and a deposit is secured, the project commences and any excavating, leveling, etc. of the area intended for water treatment is done. 

4. Installation & Commission: once our system is installed the project is commissioned and tested to ensure all components work as intended.

5. Repairs & maintenance: we provide a cost-effective monthly maintenance plan that includes any emergency call-outs, the general check-up and service of the systems and/or plants, and, if required, we can provide a monthly water analysis to ensure the water is within regulation and that the desired outcome is reached.

Our services include the following:

  • Building of customized water treatment systems/plants to accommodate specific water requirements 
  • Cooling tower water treatment (chemical free)
  • Wastewater aeration systems
  • Ozone water treatment systems
  • Industrial effluent water treatment systems
  • Iron removal in borehole water
  • Borehole pump installations
  • Desalination water treatment systems
  • Chlorine dioxide water treatment systems 
  • Building dams and delta channels for wastewater (effluent water)
  • Effluent irrigation systems
  • Installation of filtration systems to meet all your filtration needs
  • Supply of enzymes & bacteria treatment for effluent dams